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Consultancy company focused on investment in entrepreneurial projects and real estate in the Czech Republic, Europe and the USA.

Diamond Dreams, SE

Diamond Dreams, SE is a European joint stock company which was created in 2010 as a trading and consultancy company focusing on investment into entrepreneurial projects and real estate in the Czech Republic, Europe and USA. Thanks to many external collaborators with many years of experience, the company offers a wider range of very high quality services and offers the client personal service which the company has based itself on from the very start. Apart from consultancy in the field of real estate, Diamond Dreams, SE has from the very start looked for good commercial opportunities and contacts for its clients in the field of investments into selected commercial articles. T
hanks to establishment of very good commercial contacts with Diamond Dreams, SE the company currently in particular devotes itself to wholesale activity with electronics.

partners around the Globe.

The company’s goal was always rather to offer the best possible service for a smaller group of customers than to offer average service to a wide group of clients.

Real estate


pngDiamond Dreams, SE does not operate in the field of real estate as a real estate company, but in particular, in accordance with the preferences of the client, has focused on selection of suitable investments with a good potential and their subsequent increase in value both on the legal, construction and technical side. The company knows how to provide its clients with full service relating both to selection of real estate, analysis of its return according to utilisation, familiarisation of the client with the required legislation, full service relating to purchase and administration of real estate and subsequent betterment of real estate as such.

investment / wholesale

In the field of commercial activity, the company ensures wholesale deliveries of electronics from selected manufacturers such as products from Apple, Samsung, BOSE, Xbox and Sony games consoles, as well as monitoring and security systems by Bosch and mechanical security by EVVA. For registration of your company and an up-to date enquiry / offer, do not hesitate to contact us.